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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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New Feature: Very Important P______

Written by doingtonight on Sep 24, 2012
Featured Product

Omfg. Say hello to our new little friend VIP: very important p_____. This new section features popular plans and people. More plans to browse, more fun to be had. The fact is, there are a ton of people using the app, but they may not be in your network or nearby. So you’d never know.... more »

Lounges are the hybrid nightclub.

Written by Guest on Aug 27, 2012
Commentary Drink Featured Red Ropes

There comes a point in your mid to late 20s when you may not be old number-wise, but when Friday night rolls around you can’t help but thinking, ’F. i’m tired.’ The prospect of holding it down at a club makes your eyelashes hurt and the thought of standing for the next 6 hours makes you... more »

New feature: Block

Written by doingtonight on Aug 03, 2012
Featured Product

We have to admit, we didn’t want to build this feature…at all. But some users are more private than others and wanted an option to block certain individuals from seeing what they are doing tonight. That’s fair, sometimes. So now you are able to block an individual. Once you block an individual, you cannot see... more »

The “black hole” of notifications

Written by doingtonight on Jun 18, 2012

Update: We are now testing email notifications! Isn’t it really annoying when you “ask” someone what they are doing tonight and they don’t respond (in the app)? What about if you tag someone? Well, it’s probably because the user doesn’t allow doingtonight to send them push notifications. Unfortunately, many other apps abuse the privilege. But for... more »

I “like” what you are doing tonight

Written by doingtonight on Jun 13, 2012
Featured Product

Open a plan, see anything different? If you have the most recent update to the app installed, you’ll notice a “like” button. It’s the best thing…ever.  Now you can tell people that you “like” what they are doing tonight. It’s a great way to give props to people that are doing interesting things. Click on... more »

Before and After

Written by doingtonight on Jun 13, 2012
About Us Featured Product

EDIT: The update is now available in the iTunes App Store. We are really excited about our pending update in the App Store. We’ve made adjustments based on the uber helpful feedback from our users, and the guidance of some equally amazing entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. The intention of the app is exactly the... more »

Media consumption by time of day

Written by doingtonight on Nov 06, 2011
About Us Featured Games Movies Television

This is an interesting infographic showing media consumption habits across generations by time of day. It provides a little perspective about what people are doing tonight. According to this research, activities like watching movies and television, and playing games almost exclusively happen at night. Created by: MBA Onlinemore »

Social Neutrality

Written by doingtonight on Nov 02, 2011
About Us Featured

A blog post written by doingtonight founder Raji Bedi in 2010 discussing the democratization of social media. These thoughts were among the reasons doingtonight was developed.more »

Hey engineers, what’re you doing tonight?

Written by doingtonight on Apr 17, 2011
Featured Jobs

doingtonight is looking for developers. Read more about what we are up to here. We won’t bog you down with “minimum qualifications” because it should be pretty obvious we aren’t looking for duds. What we need you to know We are seeking engineers with experience in Ruby on Rails and/or native mobile development (Java, Objective... more »