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Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Re-imagining life at night

Written by doingtonight on Jul 09, 2012
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A few weeks ago, doingtonight co-founder, Raji Bedi, published a personal blog titled "Not your grade school social studies". As a continuation of this post, we have created a slide deck discussing how we have re-imagined life at night.more »

Before and After

Written by doingtonight on Jun 13, 2012
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EDIT: The update is now available in the iTunes App Store. We are really excited about our pending update in the App Store. We’ve made adjustments based on the uber helpful feedback from our users, and the guidance of some equally amazing entrepreneurs in the Bay Area. The intention of the app is exactly the... more »

Introducing 1.0.3

Written by doingtonight on Apr 11, 2012
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“What are you doing tonight?” is a popular question. Especially if you have FOMO. But how popular? A search on twitter shows that every few seconds someone asks what people are doing tonight – all day, everyday.  But with so much going on in Facebook and Twitter feeds, it’s no wonder that you don’t catch other... more »

Introducing 1.0.2

Written by doingtonight on Mar 16, 2012
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What a week! There is no better feeling than inviting people to use a product our team has been so excited about, for so long. We felt an enormous sense of pride (and nervousness) when the app hit the app store and the users started to sign up. But we quickly regained focus on building... more »

It’s coming.

Written by doingtonight on Feb 28, 2012
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After months of developing, we are finally getting ready to release doingtonight for the iPhone.  It’s a simple and sleek solution to a difficult question that people ask almost every single day: “what are you doing tonight?”. As we take our first step towards building something truly special, we are laser focused on “tonight.” We... more »

Random Video Series #3

Written by doingtonight on Jan 06, 2012
About Us Video Series

Jessica Alba asks Jamie Foxx, “what are you doing tonight?”.more »

Random video series #2

Written by doingtonight on Dec 06, 2011
About Us Video Series

Sketch group Murderfist makes plans for a nice, simple evening.more »

The reality behind the “check in” hype

Written by doingtonight on Nov 09, 2011
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Beyond does great research. The data in this infographic is dated, but highlights themes that continue to be true today. None of the dominant social-location applications have a niche focus, yet food/drink check ins dominate the activity. Only 1/3 of users get social utility from checking in while more than half use them for deals... more »

Random video series #1

Written by doingtonight on Nov 06, 2011
About Us Video Series

Some companies have become so prolific that their brands have become a part of our lexicon. Company names like Google, Kleenex and Xerox often replace the words search, tissue and photo copy. However, doingtonight’s strategy is to take an already common phrase that millions of people use every day and build a brand around it. People... more »

Media consumption by time of day

Written by doingtonight on Nov 06, 2011
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This is an interesting infographic showing media consumption habits across generations by time of day. It provides a little perspective about what people are doing tonight. According to this research, activities like watching movies and television, and playing games almost exclusively happen at night. Created by: MBA Onlinemore »