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Friday, August 22, 2014


download: http://doingtonight.com/getapp

It’s 5pm, and you suddenly realize that you don’t have plans tonight. You frantically start to text, email, call, IM and tweet, trying to find out what other people are doing tonight. Well, now it doesn’t have to be that hard!

Use doingtonight to make and broadcast plans in seconds. Check out what people nearby and in your network are doing tonight. It’s as easy as tweeting or texting, but it all happens in one app!

Keep refreshing and you won’t miss out on anything fun. Post plans that you wouldn’t typically put on a calendar. Share what television shows you plan to watch, movies you plan to see, food you plan to cook, games you plan to play and books you plan to read.


-  “Watching reruns of the best show ever.”
-  “Grabbing a bite to eat in the Mission”
-  “Finishing the Hunger Games. Great book!”
-  “DJ Jazzy Jeff is spinning at the club tonight!”
-  “TGIW! So much great TV tonight!”
-  “Cooking peppers stuffed with rice, beef, cheese and sour cream.”

Key features:

-  Post what you are doing tonight in under 140 characters.
-  Invite friends by tagging them in the plan.
-  Choose to make a plan public or private.
-  Chat with people about the plan.
-  All activity is removed at 5am so plans are current and relevant.

If you are looking for something to do, browse what other people are doing tonight. Find something cool? No need to add a new plan, just click “I’m down”.

Use the nearby feed to discover things happening around you. Choose to “follow” DJs, Chefs, Bartenders, Movie Critics, and Book worms to keep tabs on interesting things to do tonight.

So, what are you doing tonight? Download now.

(Founded by Raji Bedi, Dan Koza, Alan Laudicina)